The Muddy Duck, Hethe

The Bottle & Glass Inn, Binfield Heath
Main Street

OX27 8ES

About The Muddy Duck, Hethe

The Muddy Duck is a pub and restaurant based in the rural village of Hethe, just north of Bicester.

We’re not just another pub and restaurant – we like to think we’re offering something a little bit different. With many traditional watering holes of old slowly morphing into restaurants-in-disguise, we’ve taken care to ensure we’re two-faced. So you’ll find whilst pub and restaurant live very happily under one roof, the offers are quite different from one another.

The Bottle & Glass Inn, Binfield Heath

We make no bones that we’ve done some very deliberate things in the hope we’ll become the best of the brace and to see you returning to us time and time again… Enjoy a pie and a pint of cask ale in the pub, or wander through to the restaurant for straight-forward, great-tasting food. We have a beautiful terrace dining area, complete with traditional wood-burning oven and a pretty walled beer garden. We hope you’ll find a nook or cranny to suit every mood and whim.

We’ve held onto our roots, so the pub is very much intended as a place to find a spot to enjoy a pint and pie in. Want uncompromised food without the hand-glazed melange of truffle galette, lightly poached apricots and jus-worded fuss? Then enjoy The Muddy Duck mantra in our restaurant of relaxed, honest food and a tipple of unwavering quality throughout – without feeling like your bill at the end of it has suddenly transported you to the West End.

The Bottle & Glass Inn, Binfield Heath

And if you think that’s just another piece of PR spiel, we hope we look forward to proving you wrong very soon!

The Muddy Duck is located in the pretty village of Hethe, just north of Bicester. You can’t miss us – we’re slap bang in the beating heart of the village, next door to the Church of St. Edmund and St. George. Please check availability in our large car park at the rear before attempting to park roadside in the village.

At The Muddy Duck, we now offer a huge shopping experience with butchery, deli, fruit and veg, bakery and plenty of the wet stuff.

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