EDX Medical completes acquisition of Oxford-based Hutano Diagnostics


EDX Medical has completed the acquisition of Oxford-based Hutano Diagnostics. Image: Atherton Mutombwera, Founder and CEO of Hutano Diagnostics
EDX Medical has completed the acquisition of Oxford-based Hutano Diagnostics. Image: Atherton Mutombwera, Founder and CEO of Hutano Diagnostics

Scientists in Cambridge and Oxford are developing a new generation of rapid healthcare tests capable of detecting and characterising a wide range of diseases within minutes. The new, miniaturised tests are expected to enable the identification of up to 10 disease markers simultaneously.

These advanced ‘point-of-care’ tests will be used by health professionals wherever they work to identify early signs and details of cancer, infections, and cardio-vascular conditions.

Multiple assays can be combined on a single smartphone-readable device, supporting real time clinical decision-making and leading to better outcomes for patients.

The tests represent a major improvement over lateral flow test technology, with multiple disease markers readable faster and at lower cost than laboratory assays.

The new test device will contain an array of ultra-sensitive nano-scale ‘mini-tests’, with each mini-test replacing a lateral flow or laboratory test.

Accuracy, speed and security is further enhanced by the ability to read and interpret the results using smartphone camera technology, setting new standards for ‘point-of-care’ clinical testing.

EDX Medical Group PLC, based in Cambridge, described these new tests as ‘game-changers’ for patients and healthcare professionals.

EDX Medical made the announcement following the acquisition of Oxford-based Hutano Diagnostics Ltd and the establishment of a Point-of-Care Innovation team to expand and accelerate the range of the new tests and their integration with EDX smartphone expertise.

Hutano has a team of highly experienced scientists and collaborators at the University of Oxford at its laboratory in Oxford, where it was founded in 2018 by Atherton Mutombwera and Professor William James to disrupt the lateral flow test marketplace through innovative technology.

Professor Sir Chris Evans, OBE, founder of EDX Medical, said: “We are tremendously excited by the prospect of making the most advanced point of care tests available for the benefit of patients everywhere. This is a great joint endeavour by scientists at Oxford and Cambridge. Hutano has the ambition and technology to develop truly unique tests which, when combined with EDX chemistry and smartphone expertise, will generate game-changing new digital diagnostic products.”

Dr Mike Hudson, chief executive of EDX Medical, commented: “The combined expertise and resources of the group puts us in a unique position to fast-track the introduction of a number of clinically important products and establish a new ‘standard’ in point-of-care testing worldwide.”

Atherton Mutombwera, Hutano Diagnostics Ltd Founder and CEO, said: “Joining forces with EDX Medical Group PLC opens up a world of possibilities. It gives us access to the resources, expertise, and global reach necessary to usher in the age of digital point-of-care diagnostics. Together, we will be able to bring our innovations to a much broader audience and drive positive change in the healthcare landscape.”

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