Europcar Oxford has introduced the Tesla Model 3 EV to its fleet


Europcar Oxford has introduced the Tesla Model 3 EV to its fleet
Europcar Oxford has introduced the Tesla Model 3 EV to its fleet

New data from Europcar has found that motorists in the South East are currently lagging behind in the EV motoring race. In a new survey1, just 4.8% of drivers in the South East of England said they use an electric vehicle (EV) as their everyday car, while 3.5% commute in an EV and 3% have used one for holidays in the UK.

London motorists are leading the charge, with more than 1 in 10 using an EV as their everyday car.

“The lack of EV driving experience could be holding drivers back from making a full-time switch to more sustainable vehicles,” commented Mark Newberry, Europcar Mobility Group UK Commercial Director and Sustainability spokesperson.

“Many people have concerns about EV range and charging infrastructure, making them nervous of buying a fully electric car. We believe that the opportunity to rent an EV, to ‘try before they buy’, can help ease those fears and show drivers that electric cars can be a practical option.”

With clean air, ultra low, and zero emission zones gradually being introduced to improve air quality across the UK, the pressure is on to ensure motorists understand how to adapt to electric motoring.

Responding to this need, Europcar has introduced the Tesla Model 3 to its fleet, available for rentals from 1 day up to 3 months from locations around the UK, including the Oxford branch on the Little Mead Business Park.

The UN World Urbanization Prospects estimates that 70% of the world’s population will be living in towns and cities by 2050, compared with around 55% today2.

With poor air quality already hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, creating easy access to electric motoring to reduce reliance on fossil fuels is therefore increasingly urgent.

Mark Newberry continued: “It is going to take time for motorists to transition to electric vehicles, especially when you look at current availability and cost. Providing drivers with a real-world experience, Europcar has now added several electric and hybrid models to our fleet, with the Tesla Model 3 being the latest addition. 

“Customers are provided with a comprehensive vehicle handover and detailed information on the vehicle for a seamless commitment-free electric motoring experience. We believe this new offer will really appeal to those who want to try out electric motoring or access greener travel but are not in a position to purchase an EV yet.”

1. Survey of 6,108 motorists conducted by Vypr, February 2023 

2. UN World Urbanization Prospects: 

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