South Oxon Council launches grant funding for local community groups


South Oxfordshire Council launches grant funding for local community groups
The grant funding is for local community groups delivering key services for residents or helping maintain the natural environment

This month South Oxfordshire District Council is opening a new round of vital grant funding for the district’s local voluntary and community groups through the Revenue Grant scheme to help cover their operational costs and future-proof their work.

Organisations within the voluntary sector, who are helping to deliver key services for residents and maintain the natural environment for future generations, can apply for funding to help them continue to make a difference in the lives of people living in South Oxfordshire.

The Revenue Grant scheme offers funding for voluntary organisations for two years and has a total budget of £667,992 to allocate. This grant will launch on 18 October and closes at noon on 26 November this year.

As well as covering core operational costs, this funding can also be used to help organisations diversify their incomes. The aim is to help the voluntary sector become more sustainable and have a greater impact on the communities they serve.

For example, organisations may consider using this funding to support training staff in new skills or to invest in new income streams to help diversify their fundraising.

The council believes it is important to offer this support as organisations start to recover from the impact of the pandemic. It is hoped that this funding will enable them to become more resilient in the future.

Maggie Filipova-Rivers, Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing said:
“As a council, we recognise the invaluable work that community and voluntary organisations in our district do.

“We are fortunate that we are in a position where we can offer this much-needed funding to organisations working hard to meet local needs.

“Many have experienced a huge demand for the services while also trying to manage a loss of fundraising opportunities over the last 18 months which they would normally rely on.

“We want to do all we can to enable these organisations to continue their vital work within our communities; with children, with the elderly and contributing to our drive to help sustain our natural environment.

“Helping to cover the costs of running a building, paying for fuel and other operational costs while they are able to focus on those that need their support and carry out the important day to day work that makes such a difference to our communities.”

To find out more about the Revenue Grant, organisations can go to the South Oxfordshire District Council website southoxon.gov.uk/grants or contact the council, communityenablement@southandvale.gov.uk for more advice.

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