Whittard of Chelsea moves headquarters to Milton Park


Whittard of Chelsea moves headquarters to Milton Park

Prestigious tea and coffee retailer Whittard of Chelsea has relocated its headquarters to Milton Park, a business, science and technology community in Oxfordshire.

The team at Whittard chose Milton Park due to the impressive range of innovative companies already based there, in addition to its long-term track record of nurturing businesses as they continue to grow. More than 60 employees will work from the new head office following the move.

Whittard’s headquarters will see the retailer occupy 5,635 sq ft of office space on the first floor of 25 Park Drive at Milton Park. The renowned British brand sells its products to more than 35 countries around the world and currently has over 40 stores across the UK, including stores in nearby Oxford High Street and Reading Oracle Centre.

The design of Whittard’s new space at Milton Park will encourage staff and visitors to become fully immersed in its product and brand and provide the opportunity to learn more about the company’s heritage. The fit-out plans feature exciting concepts from their store layouts, including a tasting area where buyers can sample all of the new blends on offer.

Whittard of Chelsea moves headquarters to Milton Park
Whittard of Chelsea moves headquarters to Milton Park

The head office will also make room for a history wall, charting the company’s journey from its beginnings in 1886 with Walter Whittard, running up to the present day. In the kitchen area, a map will show where people can buy Whittard products from all over the world, along with other interesting facts about the brand.

Nathan Smith, CEO of Whittard of Chelsea, said: “Whittard is entering an exciting period of growth, and to help us realise our brand ambitions, we require a head office that fuels colleague inspiration, innovation and collaboration. We believe that being part of Milton Park will do just that, and we’re delighted to be joining such a great community.

The park has excellent amenities for our employees to enjoy and the transport links are also first-class, especially given its proximity to Didcot train station. There are many wonderful businesses on the park, and we look forward to being part of this community.”

Philip Campbell, Commercial Director, MEPC Milton Park, said: “We‘re absolutely delighted to welcome Whittard of Chelsea to the Milton Park community. The Whittard brand is admired all over the UK, creating some of the best tea, coffee and hot chocolate varieties on offer in the shops today.

“Being particularly partial to their hot chocolate, it’s great to know that each time we buy one of their ‘quali-tea’ products, we’ll also be supporting our newest member of the Milton Park community. We look forward to Whittard getting stuck in with all things Milton Park, while at the same time doing everything that we can to support their plans for growth. You could say it’s a matcha made in heaven!”

Walter Whittard opened the first Whittard of Chelsea shop in London in 1886, where his philosophy was simple: buy the best. It’s a philosophy that’s stayed close to Whittard’s heart since then, driving their belief in quality, heritage and innovation.

As part of its move to Milton Park, Whittard is hiring several new roles. Candidates interested in applying can visit Milton Park’s jobs board at https://www.miltonpark.co.uk/vacancies for more information.

Milton Park is a dynamic science and technology park in Oxfordshire and one of the largest in Europe. It is a collaborative working environment and a welcoming community that fuels innovation and sustainable growth for more than 250 businesses and 9,000 people.

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