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Great Tew Estate Chipping Norton Oxfordshire
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About Great Tew Estate

The Great Tew Estate lies eight miles north-east of Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire. It is approximately 3,500 acres of diverse countryside, from steeply sloping ironstone valleys in the north to gently rolling limestone fields in the south.

Great Tew has largely belonged to the Johnston family since the 1960s and is managed by Great Tew Estate – a real estate company that is responsible for renovations and improvements, amongst other things. Great Tew had 87 Grade II listed buildings in 2021.

The village

At the heart of the Estate is the village of Great Tew, and its surrounding parkland, with a long and fascinating history. There is some evidence that people lived in the landscape of Great Tew in pre-Roman times, but the first clear sign of habitation is during the Roman occupation in the third and fourth centuries when there was an active farm at Beaconsfield.

The Great Tew Estate offers plenty to its residents and people who work or holiday here. There is a thriving village community with amenities, including Great and Little Tew Cricket Club. Great Tew has a general store-cum-café, which was once the sub-post office, and The Tew Centre between the village and Little Tew has a café

The manor house

Great Tew has had a manor house in some form since the 990. The manor house has gone through various styles and owners through the centuries until you get to the current building, which hasn’t been occupied since 1914. In 2020 the Johnston family sold the manor house to newspaper magnate Rupert Murdoch and his wife Jerry Hall, which they plan to renovate with the addition of a new domed roof. The couple is currently staying in their home near Henley (Holmwood House) while the works are carried out.


The almost square Great Tew Park lies to the east of the house, pleasure grounds, and village and is enclosed by a stone wall that has been breached in places. At the centre of the old park lies a small wood, The Warren, surrounded by parkland laid to pasture with many trees scattered in singles and clumps.


The Estate comprises 2,000 acres of arable and 750 acres let grazing alongside woodland, parkland and game crops. The farm has been in environmental schemes since 2009 and is committed to maintaining and improving the Estate’s biodiversity whilst continuing to farm commercially.

Great Tew Grain Processing Ltd is a grain handling and processing business with drying, cleaning, and grain analysis facilities for farmers and growers. It processes feed and milling wheat, feed and malting barley, oilseed rape and oats.

Residential properties

The Great Tew Estate has a variety of residential properties in its portfolio, ranging from one-bed cottages to large detached farmhouses.
All properties are presented to a high standard with a variety of rental options – from assured shorthold tenancies to longer-term leases – with a preference for families that live and/or work locally.

Serviced offices

The Great Tew Estate has a small number of serviced offices available to let. Like the residential properties, these are presented to the highest standards with every modern and technological convenience yet still retain much heritage character and charm.

Quince and Clover

Quince and Clover at Great Tew is a relaxed Cotswold café delivering thoughtful menus for breakfast, brunch and lunch. They also serve Origin coffee as well as delicious in-house produced ice cream and cakes.

Soho Farmhouse

Soho Farmhouse is a hotel and a members’ club located on the Estate, just outside the village on the site of the former Tracey Farm.

In addition, there are many other fascinating areas and unique features including a woodland, ancient tracks and a hidden Iron stone Quarry.



There are several walks around the Great Tew Estate, notably The Golden Valley Walk, The Great Tew Park Walk, and The Little Tew Walk. Trails around the Estate are open to walkers throughout the year.

Game Flyer Days & Shooting

The West London Shooting School organises simulated pheasant and grouse shooting days on the Estate. The Estate has a small family shoot with occasional let days. The shoot is managed within the agri-environment schemes in place and prides itself in the ability to give back by donating the produce to the Country Food Trust, where the birds are made into top quality meals for people in need.


The Estate welcomes a small number of events throughout the year. The Estate has proudly hosted The Grand Tour since 2017, and the Estate’s airfield and parkland features in many episodes. Cornbury Music Festival takes place every year on the beautiful grounds of Great Tew. Artists from previous years have included Alanis Morissette, Bryan Adams and Van Morrison. Great Tew is also the proud host of the well know Rough Runner. The event consists of long-distance running with epic obstacles along the way.

Great tew will host the recently launched Park Fair in August.


Great Tew Estate Chipping Norton Oxfordshire

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