The Little Car Company to move into a new HQ at Bicester Heritage


The Little Car Company to move into a new HQ at Bicester Heritage
The Bugatti Baby II

Bicester Heritage has announced that The Little Car Company, makers of the Bugatti Baby II and Aston Martin DB5 Junior, will move into a new flagship headquarters at Bicester Heritage.

The two-storey building totalling 9,350 ft2 is part of The Command Works, a new extension on the Bicester Heritage campus, completed in 2020.

The premises will become the location for the design, development, and assembly of all current and future vehicles, including the recently unveiled Aston Martin DB5 Junior by The Little Car Company.

The first car developed by The Little Car Company in partnership with Bugatti was the Baby II, a 75% scale tribute to the iconic Bugatti Type 35 and a follow-up to Ettore’s 1926 Bugatti Baby. The company’s most recent vehicle is the Aston Martin DB5 Junior, a two-thirds scale electric junior car.

Developed over the last 15 months through a partnership with Aston Martin, the junior car is expertly designed using Aston Martin’s reference 3D scan of an original DB5 to ensure complete accuracy and authenticity.

Side Profile of the DB5 Junior
Side Profile of the DB5 Junior

The Little Car Company plans to commence manufacturing of the DB5 Junior in 2021, at its new home. Clients who wish to collect their cars in person will have the opportunity to test their vehicle on Bicester Heritage’s test track, offering the ultimate first driving experience.

All vehicles will undergo extensive pre-delivery inspections and quality checks at the new Bicester Heritage production facility, before making their way to clients worldwide.

The move signifies a notable expansion for The Little Car Company, the world’s leading producer of exceptional and authentic junior cars, who in partnership with elite car manufacturers, honour the most coveted classic vehicles in automotive history.

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