Yes, you can have get-togethers in Oxford city parks for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


You can have get-togethers in Oxford city parks for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
Have a get together in a local park like South Park (ictured above) for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Oxford City Council is offering the use of the city’s parks for residents who wish to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by holding picnics with groups of friends and family.

While many residents are applying to the Council to hold street parties, the Council is providing a low-cost, sustainable alternative, by permitting small-scale celebrations in many of Oxford’s parks.

People are being urged to do their bit to ‘go green for the Queen’, by avoiding using disposable cups, plates and cutlery and taking all their litter home.

Mish Tullar, Head of Corporate Strategy at Oxford City Council, said: “We are happy to welcome small groups for picnics in a number of our parks, as part of a weekend of celebrations to mark the Queen’s historic reign. Having a small gathering outdoors is an easy and low-cost way for Oxford’s residents to mark this special occasion in a relaxed setting.

“We are lucky to have so many green spaces in the city and are urging people to think about the impact on the environment while they enjoy themselves. Go green for the Queen by using non-disposable picnic items and taking all your litter home with you.

“Litter isn’t just unsightly, it can cause serious harm and fatality to animals. Port Meadow, in particular, has grazing livestock, so it is essential that people leave absolutely nothing behind as cows have previously needed veterinary treatment after eating litter.”

Locations for Jubilee weekend picnics in the park include:

If you want to hold a street party, you’ll need to apply to the Council for a road closure, which costs £16. To apply to hold a street party, visit the “Apply to hold a street party page” on the city council’s website.

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