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Nicola Wilkinson’s Recipes of the Season

What could be more nutritious than using the ingredients that nature delivers each season? By using seasonal, local ingredients, you’re supporting local producers, minimising your carbon footprint and getting the freshest nutrients into your body. Buy seasonal, Buy local, Buy British!

Lightly smoked Salmon with Sweet Potato & Carrot Mash

This satisfying dish uses January’s seasonal produce to flavourful affect! The lightly smoked salmon comes alive with the addition of lemon zest and thyme, whilst the rosemary and garlic combine with the fresh chilli, sweet potato and carrots to deliver a warming, comforting healthy mash, and the truffle oil adds depth of flavour.

Fish Pie with Celeriac Mash & Kale

This is a seasonal take on the classic fish pie! Celeriac is at its best right now and makes a lovely alternative to mashed potato. For me, fish pie has to have cod, smoked haddock, and prawns in it to taste really special. I’ve used seasonal leeks, combined with dill and parsley to add comforting flavours to the creamy sauce of the pie. As kale is also seasonal right now I hope you will enjoy this as the perfect nutritious accompaniment to your pie.

Fragrant Fishcake with Spring Greens & Poached Egg

As the daffodils start to bloom so too does spring’s seasonal bounty, with hens laying more eggs, a new harvest of sweet spring greens, and creamy new potatoes. I think there is something incredibly satisfying about a runny yolk atop a crispy fishcake. I’ve created this recipe using lightly smoked salmon, ginger and kaffir lime leaf to add a fragrant twist to an old classic.

Images courtesy of Nicola Wilkinson