Homemade Wild Garlic Butter Recipe

This wild garlic infused butter is really versatile – use it to make garlic bread, in a chicken or turkey kiev or melted over a griddled steak or baked potato.

10 mins + fermenting & chilling time A lot

Image: Courtesy of Chef Kuba Winkowski


  • 50g natural yoghurt
  • 900g double cream
  • Wild garlic
  • 50g sea salt


  1. Add the natural yoghurt to the double cream in a medium bowl with a lid, using a whisk to gently mix together.
  2. Cover the mix and leave to rest for 36 hours – the cream will thicken and develop a sour taste. If not, leave for an extra 12 hours.
  3. Blend the wild garlic leaf until fine and pass through a sieve to make a puree.
  4. In a food processor, mix the fermented cream until buttermilk is released.
  5. Strain away the buttermilk
  6. Place the butter in a colander and wash it several times in cold water until the water runs clear.
  7. Dry the butter and place in the mixing bowl with the wild garlic puree, 50g of sale and mix well.
  8. Once the butter is fully mixed, shape it and chill in the fridge.
Homemade Wild Garlic Butter Recipe

Recipe notes by Elizabeth Gibbs

Wild garlic grows in dense woodland as it prefers damp, shaded areas.

Identifiable by its strong garlic-like aroma and long, stringy green leaves, it grows from late winter to early spring before bursting into petite white flowers. Unlike regular garlic, wild garlic is mostly used for its leaves, which can be either cooked or eaten raw.

Using a piece of baking parchment, roll and shape the butter into a log, then twist the ends to form a cracker. Chill until needed. You can freeze the log for a month and cut off slices as needed.

About this recipe

This Wild Garlic Butter Recipe is courtesy of Chef Kuba Winkowski – Head Chef at the critically acclaimed 3 AA Rosette Cotswolds restaurant at The Feathered Nest Inn, a warm, hearty inn with great food, real ales, wines and spirits, sumptuous rooms and unrivalled views of the Cotswolds.

From moving to England at twenty-four to attend catering college to being named National Chef of The Year 2019, Kuba has rocketed to the top of his craft in record time. His cooking is refined, peppered with Polish influences and – most importantly – delicious.

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