Gigaclear connects its first customers in Haddenham


Gigaclear connects its first customers in Haddenham

Gigaclear, the UK’s largest rural alt-net, has connected its first customers in Haddenham to its ultrafast full-fibre network.

The broadband provider started expanding its network on a commercial basis to Haddenham and the neighbouring town of Thame in June as part of its wider move to connect underserved market towns in the county.

The first residents in Haddenham are now connected, and 8,000 residents in the two towns will benefit from broadband speeds up to 900Mbps once the roll-out is complete. A much-needed boost on the previous average speeds of 26Mbps*.

Nick Rawlings, Chief Marketing Officer at Gigaclear, said: “We’re delighted to have connected our first customers in Haddenham to our ultrafast broadband. These things snowball, and we can’t wait to connect more and more people in the coming weeks, including welcoming our first customers in Thame later this year.”

“We believe in digital inclusion for all, and we’re determined to bring fast broadband speeds to the people of Thame and Haddenham. The pandemic has underlined just how much we rely on the internet, and it is crucial that nobody is left behind.”

The expansion of Gigaclear’s network build to Thame and Haddenham is expected to be completed by early 2022. The project will lay over 92,000 metres of fibre via trenching and through existing duct and pole infrastructure.

To find if your property can connect to the network, visit gigaclear.com and use the postcode checker.

About Gigaclear

Gigaclear designs, builds, and operates a full-fibre, ultrafast broadband network in rural areas across central and southern England.

Established in 2010, its network now reaches homes and businesses in more than 450 communities across 22 counties – and growing. It is working hard to provide rural properties, farms and businesses, with the UK’s best broadband speeds.

Gigaclear designs and builds its new networks to rural communities where there is a need for better broadband using commercial investment. In some communities, Gigaclear is partnering with local bodies to deliver this essential service with subsidy under the Building Digital UK (BDUK) scheme.

Gigaclear Ltd is principally owned by Infracapital – a leading European Infrastructure investor.

*As reported by https://www.broadband.co.uk/broadband-speed-test/ (accurate as of July 2021)

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