Luxury amenities by La-Eva launches at The Oxford Collection


The Oxford Collection has announced the launch of its new partnership with La-Eva, a sustainable British wellness brand inspired by organic beauty, a love of art and the alignment of luxury with simplicity.

“A match made in heaven”, Louisa Canham, founder & creative director of La-Eva.

Made in the UK and featured in Vogue, FT and Wallpaper, La-Eva makes its debut in Oxford’s hospitality scene with The Oxford Collection, and they couldn’t be happier to be sharing this new little secret with us all.

Rebecca Mofford, Director of Operations at The Oxford Collection, said: “It’s a natural partnership in every sense of the word. We both aspire to deliver an authentic, quality guest experience through genuine service and organic produce.

“We’ve always believed that ‘simple is best’, and this is a philosophy that La-Eva also puts into practice with admirable transparency. We’re delighted to introduce this holistic approach to our amenities, aiming to enhance guest wellbeing, both physically and mentally.”

The hospitality group, founded by experienced hotelier Jeremy Mogford, is particularly excited to be collaborating with a brand built on such strong principles of sustainability.

La-Eva’s products are vegan, animal and ocean-friendly and made from the purest natural and organic ingredients.

Louisa Canham, founder & creative director of La-Eva, said: “La-Eva’s ethics and sustainability credentials are in natural harmony with those of [The Oxford Collection], which places sustainability and local sourcing at the epicentre of its guest offering.”

This occasion also marks La-Eva’s first partnership, introducing their amenities in refillable aluminium – a highly recyclable material.

Luxury amenities by La-Eva can now be found in every en-suite bathroom at The Oxford Collection’s Old Parsonage Hotel and Old Bank Hotel, ready to gift guests with many peaceful and invigorating moments during their stay.

This luxury extends to their restaurants, Quod, Parsonage Grill and Gees, offering diners the chance to sample La-Eva washes and lotions in their restrooms.

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