Popular Mamma Mia Pizzeria in North Oxford has moved to larger premises


Mia Pizzeria in North Oxford has moved
Mia Pizzeria in North Oxford has moved to slightly larger premises next door (left)

Mamma Mia Pizzeria has moved to a new home after 42 years in its previous location on South Parade in Summertown.

The move has seen the award-winning restaurant, which opened in 1981, relocate next door to slightly larger premises with improved facilities for guests and staff alike and a few more tables and chairs.

Guests may not notice much has changed beyond the slightly longer walk to the front door, though, with the team at Mamma Mia keen to ensure the consistency, authenticity and casual atmosphere they are known for is maintained in the new premises.

Mamma Mia Pizzeria, Summertown, Oxford

Owner, Jon Ellse, said: “We’ve worked to create a very familiar atmosphere in our new home. Fundamentally, little has changed. We have the same menus, tables, décor and, of course, our superb team of kitchen and front-of-house staff.

“We’re incredibly excited for the move and being able to offer a slightly fresher take on Mamma Mia, but we’ll challenge our regulars to spot the difference. Here’s to the next 40 plus years!”.

The new Mamma Mia Summertown opened on Thursday, 12 January.

First opened in Summertown in 1981, Mamma Mia Pizzeria has been an Oxford institution for over 40 years. It combines traditional, authentic recipes, fabulous imported Italian ingredients and a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere to bring a little bit of Naples to Oxford.

A second restaurant was opened in Jericho in 2009, proving just as popular as the original – continuing the tradition of offering the best authentic Pizza and Pasta in the city.

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