215 Kitchen & Drinks in Oxford is closing in the New Year


215 Kitchen & Drinks in Summertown is closing in New Year
215 Kitchen & Drinks in Oxford’s Summertown is closing in the new year following the departure of the restaurant’s, chef Paul Welburn

215 Kitchen & Drinks in Oxford’s Summertown has announced that it will close its doors in the new year. The closure comes as Paul Welburn, the restaurant’s chef, announced he would leave after four years.

215 Kitchen & Drinks was the successor of The Oxford Kitchen, which was awarded a Michelin star, with the Michelin guide inspectors praising the chef’s knowledge and experience for delivering assured, well-balanced, skilfully prepared dishes.

However, it’s “Au revoir but not goodbye” as a new concept will be launched in place of 215 Kitchen and Drinks at the present location on 215 Banbury Road in February 2022.

Writing on Instagram, the award-winning eatery said, “We are closing our doors as 215 Kitchen and Drinks on 1st January 2022 after our New Year’s Eve service. However, this is not goodbye…

We have had an absolute blast serving our loyal customers and bringing a Michelin Star back to Oxford as The Oxford Kitchen too.

Paul Welburn, our talented chef who gained and retained our Star, has been with us for 4 years now and has decided to take on a fresh challenge, leaving us with a tough choice. Paul is irreplaceable, and we have loved working with him and his team through plain sailing as well as choppy Covid waters.

We love Summertown and want to continue to be a vibrant part of this local community, and are pleased to announce that we are putting the finishing touches to a new concept launching in place of 215 Kitchen and Drinks in February 2022, still at 215 Banbury Road.

Great food and drink has always been in our DNA, and we will still be very much a ‘foodies paradise’ when we launch our new concept, so watch this space for more mouthwatering food shots and further announcements coming soon…”

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