Crêpeaffaire is coming to Summertown. Flipping awesome!


Crêpeaffaire is coming to Summertown
Crêpeaffaire will be opening its doors in Summertown later this month

Crêpeaffaire, a leading crêpe brand, will be opening its doors in Summertown later this month.

A unique and independent quality food and lifestyle brand, Crêpeaffaire serves freshly baked sweet & savoury crêpes, plus fairtrade organic artisan coffee and ice cream shake.

Customers can also choose from gluten-free, dairy-free, low calorie and vegan options in addition to its irresistibly indulgent crêpes and waffles, from breakfast to dinner, and any time in between.

Crêpeaffaire is opening as part of easyHotel’s development in Summertown. easyHotel offers budget hotel rooms in 42 locations (including Oxford) across the globe, and the new Oxford hotel will have 180 rooms.

Outside Crêpeaffaire, there will be artistic and poetic interventions creating a magical walkway that takes inspiration from J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ – one of Summertown’s most celebrated former resident’s works.

Since its 2004 creation, Crêpeaffaire has expanded from a single site in London to include stores across the country, including Brighton, Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and now has branches as far away as Saudi Arabia.

The crêpes and buckwheat galettes are made with all-natural ingredients. As well as offering quality freshly baked waffles, there will be a range of drinks, including smoothies, juices and yes, cocktails!

Crêpeaffaire offers a traditional product with a distinct continental/French flavour and caters to a wide target audience for all-day eating and snacking, whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or want to catch up with a friend over coffee. They will be offering a space for local groups and aim to host activities for the community at large.

Crêpeaffaire is coming to Summertown. Image: Daniel Spinath founded Crêpeaffaire
Daniel Spinath founded Crêpeaffaire in London in 2008 and now has branches as far away as Saudi Arabia
Douglas Fry/Piranha Photography

Daniel Spinath, Founder of Crêpeaffaire, said: “We are excited to join the closely-knit Summertown community and are keen to satisfy their cravings. We have lots of plans to ensure that we get to know the residents.

“Our recent openings have successfully involved the local community, featuring activities ranging from yoga evenings to a Lego club for autistic children. It is our aim to duplicate similar events in Summertown, and we can’t wait to meet you all.”

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