The brand new homebake Neapolitan pizzas by Dodo Pub Co.


The brand new home bake Neapolitan pizzas by Dodo Pub Co.
The brand new homebake Neapolitan pizzas by Dodo Pub Co.

Looking for a perfect way to enjoy authentic wood-fired pizzas at home? Well, look no further. Get stuck into ‘nearly cooked’ homebake Neapolitan pizzas by Dodo Pub Co. that you can finish off in your oven at home.

Dodo Pub Co., the independent pub group known for their popular neighbourhood hangouts, show-stopping pizza, burgers, beers and good times, have launched a brand new Homebake Pizza service. The pizzas usually served in all Dodo Pubs including the Rusty Bicycle on Magdalen Road and The Up In Arms in Marston, are now being delivered straight to customers doors.

The pizzas are made using the classic Neapolitan recipe from only the best ingredients. The team hand makes the dough and then allow it to rise for 48 hours, before blasting it in their 400c wood-fired oven to ‘almost cook’ the base before rapidly cooling (to avoid the twice-cooked taste). Once cool the pizza bases are then topped with a variety of top-quality ingredients and vacuum-sealed for freshness.

All the pizzas use a tried, tested and straight off the Dodo Pub Co. menu, except for the vegan range that’s new to the group this January. Of particular note, is one of the pubs Head Chef Tom’s, creation No’duja. A vegan alternative to the Calabrian sausage, the No’duja is cooked in-house combining jackfruit, smoked chipotle and spices. With flavours as delicious as these, it’s certainly no substitute – its an ingredient in its own right.

Once delivered in eco-friendly packaging, all customers need to do is pop in the oven for 6 to 8 minutes at 220 degrees and then enjoy a piping hot, delicious, restaurant-quality pizza at home. Alternatively, the pizzas can also be frozen for up to 3 months.

Pizza options include

  • Margherita: Crushed Tomato, Fior Di Latte , Basil (£6.50)
  • Salami Get This Straight: Crushed Tomato, Fior Di Latte, Salami, Sweet Red Peppers, Basil (£8.00)
  • Mr Melanzane: Crushed Tomato, Garlic, Fior Di Latte, Wood Roast Aubergine Grana Padano, Basil (£7.50)
  • Chorizo Picante: Crushed Tomato, Fior Di Latte, Chorizo, Red Chilli, Basil (£8.00)
  • Truffle Funghi: Fior Di Latte, Mushrooms, Grana Pandano, Truffle Oil, Basil (£8.50)
  • Vegan Margherita: Crushed Tomato, Mozzarisella, Basil (£7.50)
  • Vegan No’duja: Crushed Tomato, Mozzarisella, Tom’s No’Duja, Basil (£8.50)

All of Dodo’s Homebake Pizzas are made fresh to order with 48-hour risen dough and the highest quality ingredients to ensure they match the standard of the pizzas served in-house. They offer a National 48-hour delivery service as well as local Oxford delivery.

To order visit their website at

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